Women's Group


Atumia A Magegania (Amazing Women) group is one of our church groups. CAGI women's Fellowship is a very dynamic group known for its generosity. Women of God aspire to stay united and actively engaged in the community. The purpose of this group is to inspire women to be together and to proactively inspire members to grow spiritually and socially. The group also provides a platform where women can spread the Gospel and also contribute financially to the needs of the community. The group continues to grow in strength and number. Women look forward to do even more in the years to come with God’s help, as they continue to pray to God to enable them bring many people to His Kingdom.


  1. Mrs. Elizabeth Wambaa - Chair
  2. Dorcas Wanjohi - Vice-Chair
  3. Tabitha Gĩchũrũ - Secretary
  4. Rachel Nyawĩra - Vice-Secretary
  5. Naomi Nduta - Treasurer

Atumia A Magegania