Pastor's Corner

My name is Pastor Johnson Kĩriakũ wa Kĩnyua. I am an ordained minister serving as the Senior Pastor at Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI). I am married to Mary and we are blessed with three children - Milkah, Ayub, and Eunice. I was born and raised in Kenya. Several years ago, my family and I relocated to the USA where we have lived since.

I hold a PhD degree in Religion from the University of Birmingham (England.) I also serve as an adjunct online professor of religion and ethics at Saint Leo University.

Besides serving as a pastor in Africa and in the USA, I have as well interacted with Christian communities in England, an opportunity which has given me unique pastoral and intercultural perspectives. In addition, I have occasionally been able to bring together immigrants living in USA cities such as Atlanta (mainly those from Kenya, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Namibia, and Korea) for worship and fellowship. I have come to appreciate the diversities there are in our present world.

Ministry in this new global context makes me feel called to be more committed to my Christian faith. The interconnectedness of our faith, world over, demands a stronger and richer commitment as a theologian as well as a Christian. I feel strongly called to bring cross-cultural understanding through teaching, and ministry in the Word and Sacraments.

My Christian theological convictions follow the Reformed tradition and are informed by the African philosophy of sharing and mutuality guided by the motto I am because we are. I strongly identify myself as a teacher and a theologian called by God to bring healing and reconciliation to humanity. I believe that while the church continues to struggle with sin and injustices in our world, it awaits expectantly for the Parousia of Jesus Christ and restoration of God's Kingdom here on earth.

My guiding principle for more than 20 has been in the words of Frederick Buechner: The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet. It is in light of this principle that I always strive to find my place in loving God and servicing humanity.

Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Johnson Kĩriakũ wa Kĩnyua, PhD