As an African church, we affirm that we are an extension of the global Christian Church and a visible manifestation of God's presence in the world. The Church of Amazing Grace International desires to engage other mission-minded Christians so as to work together on how we can revitalize mission at a time when the global has invaded the local and the local has entered the global.

It is for this conviction that we partner with First Presbyterian Church , Santa Ana and the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. We have held joint worship experiences during the World Communion Service and Christmas Eve Service. These joint services have offered our congregation a distinct opportunity to experience worship in the context of the larger community of faith. Pastor Lance of FPC, Pastor Jonathan of the Spanish ministry at FPC and CAGI Pastor continue to explore other avenues in which we can contunie cultivating these amazing experiences.

Further, a preliminary survey shows that many Kenyans and East Africans living in Southern California are an unchurched majority. This group of immigrants (most of who are lured to the United States by its intellectual, economic and political diversity) brings forth cultural and missiological dimensions to the larger American Christianity. African immigrants seek to integrate African cultural and religious heritage into the diverse American society. When people come to a new country, their cultural identities often make them feel a strong need to come together with others who share their heritage - as Africans we are not an exception.

For these reasons too, we have partnered with other Kenyan Churches and fellowships in Southern California. For example, we hold what has come to be populary known as United Worship Experience (UWE). The worship expereinces bring together members from KICC (San Bernadino and Los Angeles), Morning Star Victory Church, and Lifeline Community Fellowship.