Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out for Christ African immigrants living in Southern California. As an African Church for immigrants in the USA, we seek ways to engage in a process of nurturing our unique African Christian identity and witness. Besides enriching the practice of Christianity with traditions and practices that are unique to Africa, we also endeavor to incorporate national and cultural events from various parts of East Africa represented in our Church.

Our critical objective is to encourage and develop structures that are inclusive in order to empower and increase the presence of language and culture in the life of the church. We believe that language shapes theology and our endeavor to use Swahili and English as our languages of communication and worship as well as a tool to enhance our values, our world outlook, our images and our self-definition.

Our experiences together as African families call us to pull together all of our resources in order to benefit the whole community. Such resources directly benefit all of us who worship at the Church of Amazing Grace International, particularly around important life events like birthdays for our children, weddings, visiting the sick and those that grieve, funerals and other community events.

"Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,
an the ends of the earth your possession"

- Psalm 2:8, (NRSV).