CAGI Ministries

Women's Group: Atumia A Magegania


Atumia A Magegania (Amazing Women) group is one of our church groups. CAGI women's Fellowship is a very dynamic group known for its generosity. Women of God aspire to stay united and actively engaged in the community. The purpose of this group is to inspire women to be together and to proactively inspire members to grow spiritually and socially. The group also provides a platform where women can spread the Gospel and also contribute financially to the needs of the community. The group continues to grow in strength and number. Women look forward to do even more in the years to come with God’s help, as they continue to pray to God to enable them bring many people to His Kingdom.


  1. Mrs. Elizabeth Wambaa - Chair
  2. Tabitha Gĩchũrũ - Secretary
  3. Naomi Nduta - Treasurer

Men's Fellowship: Men of God


The Men's Fellowsip has witnessed tremendous growth in the last three. Apart from being an active member in our church, the Men's Fellowship group has been involved in various activities to support and encourage each other. Throughout the year, Men of God Group organizes and contributes towards get-together activities. They also seek to encourage more members to join our fellowship. In the past, Men of God Group has organized retreats and games. They reach out to other men by visiting them whenever possible, sharing the Gospel with the unreached and emphasizing on prayers and unity. The group meets every month.


  1. Mr. Chegge Kariuki - Chair
  2. Mr. Robertson Ngata - Vice-Chair
  3. Mr. Wilson Wamagatta - Secretary
  4. Mr. Evans Njoroge - Vice-Secretary
  5. Mr. David Wambũgũ - Treasurer

Youth Fellowship


CAGI youth group is vibrant and full of energy. The youth engages in activities such as Bible Study, talks, campings, seminars and sports with the goal of bonding, praising and also outreach to fellow youth who are unchurched. The group has in recent past hosted the entire church to watch the movie War Room. They also communally enjoy sleep-overs and movie nights. We are grateful for the leadership offered by Elder Mary Kiriaku and Mr. David Wambugu.


  1. Mercy Wanjikũ - Chair
  2. Wachira Maingĩ - Secretary
  3. Ayub Kĩnyua - Treasurer

Children's Ministry


Children's Ministry at C.A.G.I is one of our foundational pillars in our outreach. We are very thankful to God for Elder Mary Kiriaku who together with other voluteers such as Eve Wangechi and Pastor Peter Kim among others have worked tirelessly every Sunday to see to it that our children learn God's Word. We have Sunday School programs for preschoolers and Elementary aged Children. Children of all ages learn God's Word in a fun and exciting way. Our children learn God's Word through Sunday lessons prepared around major stories from the Bible. The ultimate goal is to teach children to embrace faith in Jesus Christ and to encourage them to share the gospel with other children.

Family Enrichment

Just as the name suggests, the Family Enrichment Committee endeavors to enrich families to live as God ordained from the beginning. They provide enrichment seminars and Bible Studies to the married, the widowed, single parents, and young adult. the Family Enrichment Committee plans to continue providing enriching seminars, retreats, and luncheons.



As an African church, we affirm that we are an extension of the global Christian Church and a visible manifestation of God's presence in the world. The Church of Amazing Grace International desires to engage other mission-minded Christians so as to work together on how we can revitalize mission at a time when the global has invaded the local and the local has entered the global.

It is for this conviction that we have in the past partnered with First Presbyterian Church , Santa Ana and the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. We have held joint worship experiences during the World Communion Service and Christmas Eve Service. Joint services offer our congregation a distinct opportunity to experience worship in the context of the larger community of faith. Pastor Lance of FPC, Pastor Jonathan of the Spanish ministry at FPC and CAGI Pastor continue to explore other avenues in which we can contunie cultivating these amazing experiences.

We have partnered with other Kenyan Churches and fellowships in Southern California. For example, we hold what has come to be populary known as United Worship Experience (UWE). The worship expereinces bring together members from KICC (San Bernadino and Los Angeles), Morning Star Victory Church, and Lifeline Community Fellowship.