Church of Amazing Grace International

SINCE its inception in 2009, the Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI) has been involved in preaching, teaching, leadership training, administrative work, pastoral care, crisis counseling, and immigration issues. Our first task as a church is to pray individually and communally to discern what God is calling us to accomplish here in Southern California. Through worship and Bible Study, we expand our capacity to listen to God in order to refine our efforts, increase outreach and make plans to grow the church. Ultimately, we are open to God's leading and provision as we set out to be a beacon of hope for immigrants who want to grow spiritually, serve God, and uplift God's people.

KĩmũhuOUR HUMBLE BEGIN: Church of Amazing Grace International has had several phases of development from its inception. In December 2009, the then organizing pastor, Rev. Dr. Johnson Kĩmũhu and his wife, together with a small group of Kenyans living in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange counties in Southern California established the first fellowship.

The fellowship was registered under the banner Kanitha wa Ũtugi wa Magegania wa Gĩkũyũ (KUMG). The fellowship, which was the only of its kind in Southern California, appealed to Kenyans from various Christian denominations. The group preferred worshipping in their native Gĩkũyũ language. The fellowship used to meet once every month for worship at the pastor’s residence.

As more people expressed an interest in joining the fellowship, it became necessary to seek another meeting location to accommodate the growing number of members. The fellowship relocated to Downtown Community Center in Anaheim. Three years later in 2012, the fellowship which had grown to over 100 members moved yet again to First Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana.

PastorsCHANGE OF NAME: In August 2014, the organizing pastor and his wife received a call to return to Kenya to serve on a different capacity. Rev. Dr. Johnson Kĩmũhu together with the leadership of KUMG, invited Rev. Dr. Johnson Kĩriakũ wa Kĩnyua (from Atlanta Georgia) to come and continue with the work of organizing the Kenyan immigrants in Southern California.

Pastor Kĩnyua was officially commission on November 26th, 2014. After six months of service, the pastor together with the discernment team started planning for the next phase of KUMG’s development. The Lord revealed to us that we as a church needed to be outward thinking instead of inward looking. It became obvious that the church had outlived its first mandate since Kenyans from other ethnic communities were joining the church.

In order to promote diversity that encourages positive ethnicity the discernment team decided to change the name of the church to The Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI). The Church continues to explore other avenues of reaching out to the younger generations and other members of our diverse immigrant community.

CramerOne of our longings, as a community of faith, is to be connected globally for mission work both locally and abroad. The Church of Amazing Grace International (CAGI) represents the new face of modern mission work in which immigrants seek to be partners with other mission-minded Christians. We remain committed to our lord’s great commission as well as desiring genuine koinonia with other partners in mission.